Why Choose Olympia

Olympia providers are experts with compassion for pain and neurological conditions.  We focus on the patient with the aim of using as minimally invasive treatments as possible.  


We strive to provide value and the highest quality in all we do.  Our founders through personal medical experience strives to drive value and empathy in the care of all our patients. 

We commit to you in all our treatment to provide care in neurosurgery, pain management, neurology, and behavioural health.  Family medicine at our Meeker location. 

Olympia Doctors focus on improving quality of life and restoring function to get you back to action as safely and quickly as possible.  

We ask that your part in your care will be collaborating with your provider to enable your best recovery.  This invovles a mutal decision as well as use of digital health tools to monitor your recover and ongoing health. 

Should you not be fully satisfied please contact me directly through our CEO support line.

Health to You,

Clinton Baird, M.D.