Get to the heart of your health data with monitoring by CuraVitals™

The CuraVitals™ app deepens the understanding of your health metrics using cloud AI technology to combine this fundamental data with other sophisticated data such as precision medicine to develop your personalized Health Event Pathway (HEP)™

Easy to use

Easy to use: Pre-paired to the CuraSync hub or cellular sending important health data into the cloud for computing is effortless Read the results from the device or from the CuraNotes Health app.

Improves health

Improves Health:  Tracking fundamental health data is critical to improving health, managing and preventing disease.  Follow along and set goals to improve your numbers over time. 


Affordable:  CuraHouse Call™ kits are designed to be affordable so that every family can have a doctor’s office at home, empowering your doctor with the information they need for comprehensive care.   


Share:  This cloud data is easily shareable with your doctors and family using a secure link.  Have an elderly family member to check in on?  CuraShare arms families with the power of connecting with a loved one. 

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